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Renewal of Vows

Image by Filipp Romanovski

Story goes forever on

We joined the dots
from A to B,
the line we drew
from you to me,
traced empty shores
across the sea,
over mountain top,
past forest tree,
along the roads
and walking tracks,
all bridges burned,
no looking back,
for the love
we have,
no gate can stop,
no barking dog
or bolted lock,
for what is real
is meant to be,
when two hearts
in proximity.


                    Michael Faudet


How a Celebrant Can Make the Renewal of Vows Special

Renewing wedding vows is a heartfelt way to reaffirm love and commitment, celebrating the journey shared as a couple. A celebrant plays a pivotal role in making this occasion truly special and memorable. Here are some key insights on how a celebrant can elevate the experience of renewing vows:

Crafting Personalised Ceremonies

Celebrants excel in tailoring ceremonies to reflect the unique story and bond of each couple. By weaving personal anecdotes, shared memories, and meaningful rituals into the ceremony, celebrants create a deeply personalized experience that resonates with authenticity and emotion.


Adding Symbolic Acts

Symbolic acts like lighting a unity candle, sand-blending, or sharing a quaich can add depth and symbolism to the vow renewal ceremony.

These acts not only enhance the emotional significance of the occasion but also provide couples with tangible representations of their enduring love and commitment.

Making it Unique

A celebrant can help couples design a vow renewal ceremony that is distinct from their wedding day, ensuring that it is a fresh and unique experience.

Whether it's incorporating a theme, choosing a special location, or infusing elements that reflect the couple's journey together, celebrants ensure that the ceremony is a one-of-a-kind celebration of love.

Celebrating Milestones

Many couples choose to renew their vows on significant anniversaries or life milestones. Celebrants can help couples commemorate these moments by incorporating elements that honour the years spent together, the challenges overcome, and the joys shared.

 This adds depth and meaning to the ceremony, turning it into a poignant reflection of the couple's journey.

Involving Loved Ones

A celebrant can facilitate the inclusion of family members or friends in the vow renewal ceremony, making it a shared celebration of love and togetherness.

Whether it's involving children in the service or creating opportunities for guests to participate, celebrants ensure that everyone present feels connected to the couple's special moment.In essence, a celebrant's role in renewing vows goes beyond officiating; it involves curating an experience that honors love, celebrates milestones, and creates lasting memories for couples embarking on this meaningful journey once again.

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